Yoga Classes

Feltham Vibes is currently not offering classes through the website until further notice.

Are you feeling stressed and need an outlet to help you ground yourself and feel strong and calm at the same time. Look no further, Hannah’s 55 minute Yoga class will leave you sweating and refreshed after she guides you through a Vinyasa Flow. She will teach a nice gentle warm up that will prepare you for more intense poses which with her help, you can attain. With each class she will target different approaches to help open the body. This can include a hip opening focused class, a twisting focused, shoulder releasing or a balancing class. She will help you reach your Samadhi (full enlightenment).

Please note: Once purchased you will receive an email confirmation. We will then coordinate a date and time that suits to join class. Once the date is confirmed, you will be receiving a private zoom link to join the class. 

If you cannot attend a live class but wish to take a class from me, please email me and I can create a private YouTube link for a 55 minute Yoga class. You can gain access to this link after purchasing a single class and I will create a class specifically for you.

Single Class - $20

Classes are 55 minutes long.

Buy 5 classes and get the 6th class free - $100

Join me for six of my 55 minute long Yoga classes. 

Private Class - $30

Join me for a private 1 on 1 Yoga class. 

Buy 5 Private classes and get 6th free - $150

Join me for six private Yoga classes. 

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